E-Learning And Examination System

E-Learning And Examination System

Project details


Our e- learning & examination system comes with website, learning management system & online examination module.

  1. The Administrator can assign the categories to the students.
  2. All the tests with registration, without registration and paid tests can be appeared on the homepage.
  3. Student Feedback about System or Exams based. Only admin approved testimonies will be displayed on the front end.
  4. Give an Option to admin for adding Front end pages.
  5. Option for Adding FAQs to Admin, can be shown in front end.
  6. Email Activation link for Register Users(to avoid duplicate users).
  7. Home Page Search bar.
  8. Complete Account Disable option for the admin if any Fraud user/activity.
  9. Admin can add Blogs, it can be shown in front end.
  10. Resume builder.
  11. New Exam layout.
  12. Frontend CMS Pages
  13. Sectional exams
  14. Practice exams
  15. Questions display in 2 languages
  16. Multi theme management
  17. Multi layouts management
  18. Razorpay Payment Gateway
  19. Recaptcha Management
  20. LMS as frontend
  21. Newsletter Subscription