QR Code Digital Menu

QR Code Digital Menu

Project details

Contact less QR code menu for hotels and restaurants.

With a contactless qrmenupro menu. Make your restaurant a safe place to eat or grab-and-go by deploying a touch-free QR Code menu.

Brief and idea

QR Menu Pro will help your customer to place order without touching menu card or calling waiter. It will reduce your operating cost and save time and money by excluding physical menu. You don’t need to sanitize the menu for every customer.


  • Safety First:
    Limiting the use of physical menus and promoting touchless QR Code menus reduces the risk of virus and bacteria transmission, and keeps your customers and employees safe.
  • No App Download Required:
    Your diners can scan the QR Code using their phone’s camera or qr code scanner app no need to download and install any app to browse menu or place order
  • Easy To Build & Update:
    Create contactless menu QR Codes within minutes. Later, you can add or remove more items, update prices to the same QR Code Menu.
  • Build Confidence In Your Customers:
    Re-align your restaurant functioning. With Contact less menu let your diners can place order call waiter ask for water, tissue etc, with a click on their phone