WHO Project VTS Tracking

WHO Project VTS Tracking

Project details

WHO (National Polio Surveillance Program)

In 2009 our company was hired by World Health Organization to work with their vendor Novacom Services to install and test gps tracking system in 234 Mahindra Bolero for Nation Polio Surveillance Project. We completed the project in record time of 12 week and delivered 234 mahindra bolero installed with GPS tracking system without any margin of error.

Our team worked with some of the finest technicians of novacom services and local manufacturer of mahindra bolera wiring loom to help us design a new wiring loom for which will not void the vehicle warranty and install the gps system without any insecure joints. We developed a steel bracket which can hold the gps system and attached it to the vehicle without any wear and tear to the actual body.

“People forget hundred right things you done when they find one mistake in your work. So always go for perfection in every thing.”